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Medlander Brings New Pelvic Floor Solutions at Arab Health 2023

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Medlander Medical Technology Inc. (stock code: 688273.SH) made its great debut at Arab Health 2023, with the vision to expand its footprint internationally and to help improve the lives of individuals with pelvic floor dysfunction on a bigger scale.

Arab Health is one of the world’s largest gathering that brings together healthcare companies, technology, and products in the NEMA region. The event this year which took place from 30 Jan - 2 Feb 2023 featured nine product sectors, welcomed more than 3,000 exhibitors from over 70 countries who showcased their latest innovative new technologies during the four-day event.

In the booth S1.D79, Medlander attracted a large flow of visitors who stopped by and interacted with the team. Leading a series of live demonstrations, Medlander gave visitors a chance to see their pioneering solutions for pelvic floor evaluation/treatment and postpartum rehabilitation up close and in action.


At this event, Medlander not only showcased its flagship products: Biological Feedback and Stimulation Systems, but also a completely non-invasive Magnetic Stimulation System which provides a wider range of treatments and benefits people of all ages and genders with pelvic floor disorders. In view of the complexity of the pathogenesis of pelvic floor diseases, this system takes alternate or combined treatment methods for pelvic floor problems of different etiologies by targeting both the muscles and sacral nerves. At the same time, the system's hardware design and non-invasive technology have been highly appreciated by visitors.

Mr.Wood Wang, sales director of Medlander international sales department, said: “Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) is one of the problems plaguing people all over the world. In recent years, the spotlight has been shone on the early detection and non-surgical treatment of PFD. Improving clinical performance while bringing better patient experience has been a challenge for healthcare providers across the globe. To this end, Medlander has been working to diversifying its technologies and products to improve PFD diagnosis and treatment efficiency for more than 10 years, with the mission to create the ultimate health experience for patients.”

MLD B2 Series MLD B2 Series
MLD B2S is a 2-channel pelvic floor evaluation & treatment device. It provides efficient EMG evaluation and personalized treatment schemes.
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MLD B4 Series MLD B4 Series
MLD B4Plus is the flagship model in the product family. This trolley-mounted device possesses powerful central system for advanced operations.
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MLD M4 Series MLD M4 Series
MLD M4Plus is a portable battery-operated 4-channel pelvic floor & postpartum rehab device with full EMG assessment & biofeedback.
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