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Medlander Hits the Indonesian Market at the 34th Indonesia Hospital Expo

Jakarta, Indonesia, October 24, 2022 - The 34th Indonesia Hospital Expo was held between October 19 and 22 in Jakarta, Indonesia. This event saw Medlander Medical Technology Inc.( stock code: 688273.SH) showcase its pelvic floor rehab innovations and solutions to medical professionals from ASEAN and around the world.

The 34th Indonesia Hospital Expo is a meeting place for medical device distributors, professional health industry, government agencies, hospitals, doctors, nurses and health professionals. It is the region's leading medical equipment exhibition that takes place annually and offers solutions to hospitals, clinics, laboratories.

On the first day at Medlander’s booth at Main Lobby #86, a high visitor flow stopped by and showed much interest in its 3 models of Biological Feedback and Stimulation System. With their innovative design concept and unprecedented comprehensive functions, these eye-catching products attracted visitors' attention. 

The Biological Feedback and Stimulation Systems are designed to provide comprehensive solutions covering pelvic floor evaluation, pelvic floor treatment, and postpartum rehab. The 3 models, varying in size and parameters, are suitable for different settings (OBGYN, urology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation) and environments (public/private hospitals, clinics, physio centers, postpartum care centers), thus meeting the needs of various customers. With increased accuracy in evaluation and effectiveness in treatment, they can help improve clinical performance while relieving the burden of care, cost and staff training in these units.

With the Covid-19 starting in subside in Indonesia, customers engaged in pelvic floor and postpartum industry are optimistic that the industry will regain vibrancy. As the economy recovers, women will pay more and more attention to their inner health and long-term disease prevention. “I believe that women will be more careful in their choice: they will choose the safer, more scientific and more effective methods. Medlander's products increase our confidence as we see reliable technologies. This will undoubtedly be a very promising product in our market. " said one pelvic floor physiotherapist. 

MLD B2 Series MLD B2 Series
MLD B2S is a 2-channel pelvic floor evaluation & treatment device. It provides efficient EMG evaluation and personalized treatment schemes.
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MLD B4 Series MLD B4 Series
MLD B4Plus is the flagship model in the product family. This trolley-mounted device possesses powerful central system for advanced operations.
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MLD M4 Series MLD M4 Series
MLD M4Plus is a portable battery-operated 4-channel pelvic floor & postpartum rehab device with full EMG assessment & biofeedback.
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